The Station

The station building and facilities have progressed in stages. The first building, which included the present office, meeting room, restrooms and kitchen along with a two vehicle  shed with gravel floors, was built in the early to mid 80s. The next few years the second floor of the office section was finished, a concrete floor was installed in the bay and a concrete apron in-front-of the station was added.  The station had been constructed on what was two 50/100 ft. parcels of land, one donated and one purchased from the developer.

In 1990 plans were made to add a three vehicle bay and a carport to the existing facility.  The additional property required , 100 x 150 ft. , was purchased  in 1990.  The building was completed in 1992.

The next big item of need was a place to land a helicopter. The parcel of land across the street from the station, owned by the developer, was available for use for the foreseeable future. The owner was not willing to lease the property but agreed to its use as long as it was included in the insurance of this department. This two plus acre tract close to the station and adjacent to one of the area canals was cleared in May of 1990. It continues to serve as an excellent training field. It also provided the needed space for an un-improved LZ until 2000.  In 1999 two lots, each 150 x 100, south of the station were purchased from the developer.  In 2002 a 100 ft. sq. lighted helicopter pad was completed on this new property. 

In 2007, the need for additional vehicle space, a secure location for the ambulance and an improved security system for the station was resolved by two projects.  The carport was enclosed  and a security door was installed between it and the fire bays.  A second project provided access control for both the main building and separately  the security needed for the ambulance bay. This system also provides heat, smoke and CO monitoring and is attached to a national service.

Carova Beach Volunteer Fire and Rescue

Station #7
2169 Ocean Pearl Rd
Corolla, NC 27927

Phone: (252)453-8690

NEWS AND NOTES: CBVF&R Board of Director meetings are held the second week of each month at Station 7.  These meetings are open to the public.

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